• - Augmented Reality Creator,

    - Digital Advertising,

    - Content Creator,

    - Startup Advisor,

    - Business Development.


  • Skills

    Strategy - Creation - Analyse


    Advertising art director
    Marketing strategy
    Social media expert
    Digital vision
    Innovation expertise
    Content creator
    Augmented Reality


    - Leader in business development;
    - Great experience in selling social media;
    - Excellent skills in team management and leadership; able to supervise multiple projects and initiatives
    -Using innovation to identify new market opportunities.

    -Winner of the Rio Info Startup São Paulo.


    Mysocialbook :
    Turnover of 210,000 Euros for 15 M Euros in 1 year - Sale of 5 products/day to 850 products/day, reaching a gross margin growth of over 21%..
    Livraria Cultura :
    Creation of 42 innovative IOS and Android applications,all in the top 10 Appstore..
    Ediouro Responsible for Plugme first audiobooks publisher in Brazil.
    Created 850 audiobooks (best-selling books) narrated by famous personlities i Sales : $1.4 M year..





    Prepare-se para ser o centro das atenções
    Say goodbye to dull T-shirts! Our augmented reality T-shirts are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.
    The 3D animations on the t-shirt will catch people's attention and create a memorable experience and new connections.
  • Experiences

    livraria cultura

    Livraria Cultura

    Diretor novas mídias 

    Jul 2010 - Mar 2012

    First Ipad app in the Itunes top 10.


    - Apps content creator (+50 apps),
    - International Parterships,
    - Digital strategy.
    - Innovation expertise
    - Generated new development deals for new digital content.




    Abri 2012 - Jan 2016

    Be the author of your social life!

    Myscoailbook is a personalized book that tells your story from

    the status updates, messages, pictures, comments from friends and other content published on Facebook. You can create your book or your f riend's, just by using the application.

    Sales: $ 8.4M year



    Audiobooks publisher

    Jan 2005 - Jan 2009

    Audiobooks publisher


    Content creator.

    First one to open the audiobook marketwith mp3 fromat in Brazil, with more than 150 best sellers in + 350 bookstores..

    Sales $ 2.8M years




    Mai 2023-today

    Say goodbye to dull


    Our augmented reality T-shirts are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.The 3D animations on the t-shirt will catch people's attention and create a memorable experience and new connections.

  • Portfolio

    Don't wait for opportunity, create it.


    Augmented Reality


    Augmented Reality


    Augmented Reality


    Augmetned Reality

    Guarana Antartica

    Augmented Reality


    Augmented Reality

    AR App

    500 AR animations

    Editora Uniavan

    Augmented Reality

    broken image

    My SocialBook

    Promotion Advertising

    Get the book of your life!


    Review Mysocialbook


    Sarah Lane

    US Review

    French TV

    Review Mysocialbook

    My Socialbook

    France 2 French TV

    My SocialBook TV

    US TV

    American Tv channel


    French Review

    01 NET

    Innovation App

    Livraria Cultura

    Abertura setor Digital

    Livraria Cultura

    Lulu e Zazou App

    App Creation

    Marco o porquinho

    App - Marcelo Tas

    Innovation App

    Mix ebook/audiobook

    App 3D Kids

    , Livraria Cultura

    App Education

    As viagens de Gulliver


    Turn your video into a flipbook.


    Start-up Innovation

    Antônio Fagunes

    Premio Jabuti Audiolivro.

    Padre Fabio de Melo

    Padre Fabio de Melo

    O mago - José Mayer

    Audiobook Innovation

    Raul Seixa

    Audiobook Innovation


    Event Livraria Cultura

    Bienal do livro Rio

    First audiobook in mp3

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  • Recommendations

    People I've had the privilege to work with

    patrick osinski

    Denis Blampoix

    Managing director at Polti Group

    "Patrick is a very creative mind who has, on average, one idea per minute. What makes him different from other creative people is that he is capable of selecting one idea, focusing on it and developing a REAL business ($$$). Like successful entrepreneurs, he is amazingly persistent"

    patrick osinski

    Vânia Tavares

    CEO at Take the lead events

    Patrick is creative , very professional and a great person to workwith. Always with great insights and ideas !

    patrick osinski

    Jean-Philippe Ducros

    CFO at HERON

    When you found the problem, Patrick already found the solution.Try to keep the pace and you'll learn a lot. Apart from his amazing creativity, Patrick has a real sense of the word "trust". One condition though : go in the same direction !

    patrick osinski

    Luiz Moech

    Sales marketing manager south America at Chicago Pneumatic

    Patrick is a mind plenty of ideas, he is well focused on futureupcomings, new trends and tecnologies. An expert in informationsearching and a hawck in Market Intelligence. He’s experience inadvertising gives a spark in every business ideas. It is worth acontact!

    patrick osinski

    Patricia Valverde

    Legal and business affairs supervisor ar Sony Music Entertainement

    Patrick is, by far, the most creative person I have ever met. I'malways surprised by the projects he shows me and I know thatthose are not even half of his plans...

    patrick osinski

    Bruno Marotta

    Legal and business affairs supervisor ar Sony Music Entertainement

    Attentive and mastermind are two words that best describe Patrick. Being open minded and having disposition to listen to his peers, regardless of their position gives him the possibility to develop innovative products..

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